Understand and Support your Highly Sensitive Child (Eng) 01 Sept 2023 8-9pm(Syd); 6-7pm(HK); 11am-12noon(London)

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  • Speaker: Dr Yixin Jiang Xu
  • Language: English
  • Time: 8-9pm (Syd), 6-7pm (HK) and 11am-12noon (London) on 1 Sept 2023
  • Organiser: First Light Care
    Co-Organisers: FivePlus2 Christian online Platform & the Living Stone Church 
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    Dr Yixin Jiang Xu
    Highly sensitive children (HSC) often exhibit tendencies such as having intense emotions (including being more prone to meltdowns), sensitivity to sensory input (eg loud noise, different textures), being very observant, are easily overwhelmed, have difficulty sleeping (as infants, needed to be held often), and high levels of empathy. All this can often make parenting a HSC very exhausting.
    • Learn to understand your child’s temperament, including strengths and weaknesses
    • Be equipped to support your highly sensitive child in their struggles and challenges
    • Ask any questions about caring for a highly sensitive child
    introducing our speaker

    Dr Yixin Jiang Xu

    Yixin completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours), followed by a PhD in psychology (attachment theory) in 2016 from the University of Sydney. She is currently completing her Master of Clinical Psychology at Charles Sturt University.

    Yixin desires to walk alongside others, providing empathy and a safe and secure base for her clients to work through their life challenges. She will also utilise a range of evidence-based therapies and work in partnership with her clients to meet their individual needs. With a long-standing interest in close relationships and expertise in using an attachment framework, Yixin is particularly passionate about nurturing relationships, including helping parents/caregivers, couples, and families.
    Yixin is a registered Circle of Security Parenting (CoS-P) Facilitator and can run the course for both individuals and groups.

    Yixin is married to David, and they have a young daughter. They are currently in Singapore, though they reside in both Australia and Singapore.
    Yixin provides psychological and counselling services via Google Meet, Zoom, Skype video calls to clients, inside and outside Australia.
    Patrick Jones - Course author